Paris, Texas - Before the Fire

Georeferencing century-old fire insurance maps

Netflix Video Views

Netflix Winter 2022 Hack Day Submission

My 60's TV

Relive the channel-surfing past of the 1960's


Interactive demo based on Information Society's "What's On Your Mind"

My 2000's TV

An interactive TV simulator from the 2000's


I have no idea why I made this but it was fun

Deep Nostalgia with Movie Posters

Animating classic movie posters

Rediscovering History with Photoshop

Generating panoramas from old videos

Face Portal iPhone App

A magic portal for your face

Circle of Life

Tinkering with D3JS and SPARQL

Boundless Video

Slit-scan project


Netflix Fall 2019 Hack Day Winner

Bandersnatch Demo

Reverse-engineering Bandersnatch

Soundtrack Streamer

Netflix Fall 2018 Hack Day Submission

Road Trips Reenacted

Multi-video synchronization with FFmpeg

Altered Video Player

Netflix Winter 2018 Hack Day Submission

Subtitle Reactions

Netflix Summer 2017 Hack Day Submission

Stranger Games

Netflix Winter 2017 Hack Day Winner

Netflix Zone (VR Prototype)

Netflix Spring 2016 Hack Day Winner

Song Branch

Interactive song lyric visualization

Paris in 1981

Digitizing an old phone book


Visualize your observables in ASCII


Pacman parallelized!

Say Whaaat!!!

Netflix Fall 2019 Hack Day Winner

My 70's TV

An interactive TV simulator from the 1970's

Electronic Arts

My career at Electronic Arts

My 90's TV

An interactive TV simulator from the 1990's

My 80's TV

An interactive TV simulator from the 1980's

Space Hex

An HTML5 hexagon-based puzzle game

Space Cavern

An HTML5 cave exploration game

Paper Rock Scissors 2000

tile-based strategy game

Gorch's Quest

2D tile-based space adventure game