Face Portal iPhone App

2021, Jan 28

Spent my end-of-year holiday break deep diving into iOS App Development.

If you're brand to the new iOS dev ecosystem ( like me ) then I highly recommend you check out Dr. Angela Yu's iOS & Swift - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp course. Its pace and depth were perfect for my needs.

For my first app, I revisited my previous boundless-video hack and decided to re-invent it with an interactive selfie mode. I was also inspired to create this after seeing the success of TikTok's Time Warp video filter. After navigating through the nuances of XCode development with Stack Overflow and Reddit by my side, I managed to launch an app!

Face Portal is a free video app that uses slit-scan technology to create a 3D expansion effect based on a customizable on-screen portal window. You can also adjust the speed of the effect with the slider.

Try changing the magic portal in real-time to create a wacky 3D expansion effect that you can share with your friends!