2019, Nov 08

Netflix Hack Day - Fall 2019 has now passed and I used this occasion to further my skills with ReactJS, CSS, and Chrome extensions. I also wanted to take this opportunity to apply the My80sTV concept to Netflix :)

Nostalgiflix is a "chrome extension that transforms your Netflix web browser into an interactive TV time machine covering three decades (80’s, 90’s, and 00’s.) By dragging the UI slider around, you can view titles originally released within the selected year ( based on their historic box office and episode air dates.) More importantly you can also adjust the video filters in real-time to creatively downgrade the viewing experience, further enhancing the nostalgic effect. We think this feature could encourage our users to watch more of our older content while having fun reliving those moments of cinematic history."

Shout out to the other members of my team ( Nazanin Delam, Sumana Mohan, Jeff Shi, Lily Dwyer,Vishal Mishra ) who helped make this hack come alive!

YouTube video